Friday, June 21, 2013

Trail Shoes

     I may be in the market for a new pair of shoes.  My trainers have 130 and 100 miles on them.  I have a pair of zero drops with 30 miles on them, but they are rarely used because I need something with more support.  I figure about 500-600 more training miles and that is 380-430 miles on my shoes on race day.  I feel like that is getting up there in miles for a race, plus I have a marathon three weeks after that.
     After dinner I went to The North Face to see what kind of shoes they have.  Tried on some shoes that felt like five pound bricks and others that my feet spilled over too much.  There was one pair that fit okay except for a small pinching feeling across the top of the toe box.  Maybe it is tight there for my foot, maybe it is my brain.  These shoes were made for trail OR road.  And it got me thinking.  Do I even need trail shoes.  I currently run on trails in my old Brooks Vapor 10.  In the past I ran on my older shoes since the trail made up for the loss of cushioning.
     So I am currently accessing if I need a pair of trail shoes to run in or just another pair of shoes to help me ease some of the miles.  When I ran some of the course it was packed dirt and sandy, with some small (baseball sized or smaller) rocky decents.  I figure this shoe would run me 65-70$ after gift card and sale price.  I am going to create a short list and see what my best options are.  Any ideas?

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