Saturday, April 26, 2014

Do Biking Miles Count?

I have been active, but I have not been running.  I love my bike.  It is nothing fancy.  Its an old Trek mountain bike, but it gets me from here to there and back again.  I have also been able to use it for some cross training.  I am a proponent of pedal power.  I am been attempting to ride my bike to work since it is close to my house.  It actually takes longer to drive and park than it does to ride my bike.  25 minutes vs 15 minutes.  
When I log on to may map I have 115 miles this month.  I feel good about that number.  The scale says 182-185.  I don't like those numbers.  My Quads have really been starting to get some tone and definition, bonus there.  When I look at how many miles I ran that number goes down.  36 miles ran this month, and 13.1 of that was at once.  I look at time spent in activity and it is slightly down from last month a 90 miles month.  All this causes me to believe that biking miles don't count.  I know they are better than no miles.  If I focus on the time spent in activity, that may be a better indicator of fitness.  
Today I had the chance to run a 5k.  It was at a small park in a near by community.  My wife and kids all got to come cheer me and the other runners on.  Not only that but being there helped support the cause.  It was a two loop course around a river.  My wife said it was easy to spot me.  She could tell by my running form.  So I asked her hoping I would hear, "You have great Running form, that is how I knew it was you."  Instead she said, "You were the runner in neon green at the back of the second lead pack who was holding his boobs."  Supposedly I run with my hands near my "CHEST" All things considered this was a great event and my family made it better.  Even if I hold my boobs when I run.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

I promised....and lied.

This year I promised my wife and running buddy that I would not run a race longer than 13.1 miles.  After attempting to fit into my nice clothes at Easter I realized, I lied.  I need to train for ultra marathons to fit into the clothes I own.  I need to train for ultra marathons so I can eat the food I like.
     Today I saw the wheelchair division finish the Boston Marathon.  I wanted to leave my desk and go run 26.2 this evening.  Then I saw the women's finish.  And then I wanted to sign up for a marathon, but I promised my wife and running buddy I wouldn't.  Next, Meb K. Won the Boston Marathon.  I realized I lied.  I really want to run long distances again.  I never said that I wouldn't run 13.1 and then 13.1 again, right away.