Monday, December 29, 2014

Lessons learned on the run.

This is part of an old post I wrote over a year ago.  However there are many things from this that I am still learning today that this is a great reminder of.  The 50 miles that God helped me complete help teach me lesson to make it through hard days.

Some important things I learned on the run.........

God answered my prayers but wish he would answer other prayers for sick people and hard situations.

God put this hill in my way
     -to grow me stronger
     -to rely on him
     -to let His strength carry me
     -to glorify Him.

I love my wife and kids.  She does so much for every person in this family.  And she truly loves me as she submits to the Lord. 

Lastly somewhere along the course I spotted a feather.  I picked it up and put in my backpack.  In a hard spot I would think about the Bible and the verse that mentions soaring on wings like eagles.  I decided to find two more, one for each of my girls.  Little did I know how important they would be!  When I got home I looked up the full verse and cried.