Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twist in the Adventure

Well it is more like a strain or tear.  My thumb that is!

     Two weeks ago I hurt my thumb at work.  Right when it happened I thought it was broke.  My nerves were on edge and I was shaking uncontrollably.  After getting X-rays I was sent home with nothing saying that I hurt my thumb.  A week later it still hurt so I went for a follow up.  This time they put me in a Velcro brace for a week and said come back and see a specialist.  Today was my next follow up.  I saw the hand specialist today,  a man with a long white beard that I imagine doubles as Santa Clause at the mall during the holidays.  I knew he was the specialist because he wore an old ball cap with an embroidered hand logo upon it.  In about 40 seconds he moved my thumb in 70 different directions.  PAIN! He moved my thumb, reiterating, "when I do this it hurts the most?"  "MMMM," I say through clenched teeth.  "You mostly likely tore or strained this ligament in your thumb, I'd like you in a plaster cast for 3 weeks then we will check if you need an additional 3 weeks."
     Fun times.  
     I was going to finally start P90X November 1st.  Guess again.  Can I even do that?  I can barely type this blog.  I am so mad that I have been gaining weight too.  I am almost to 170.  I am dangerously flirting with that mark I never wanted to get to ever again.  Do I run with this thing on?  How smelly will it get?  I did go out and run a mile tonight.  It went okay, it was cumbersome. 
   Going forward who knows.  This is a new adventure for me.