Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Running.

It is that time of year once again.  And no I am not talking about Christmas and yule logs.  It is winter running time.  The roads are icy and the sidewalks snowy.  What is one addicted runner going to do?  If you are training for a spring marathon you need to keep the intensity up through the winter months.  Than means 15-20 mile runs in the snow.  Some people head indoors for three months and use the treadmill.  By March everyone is calling it the dreadmill.  I prefer to run on trails and occasionally at an indoor track.  Personally I cannot run on a treadmill I give those who can credit.
What I do to battle the snow and ice is screws in my shoes.  Some people use a product called yak tracks that attach over a shoe to give them added grip.  I prefer the grip screws give me.  Go to a local hardware store and ask for sheet metal screws.  I use #10 hex bolt that are 1/2 inch long.  If they are longer they may poke through the bottom of the shoe.  If they are shorter they may not grab in the shoe.  Use a screw driver or ratchet to tap them into the foam.  Where do you place the screws is a question I get.  I like to look where your current tread is worn down and place a screw there.  If the tread is worn on the bottom that is a frequent place your foot makes contact with the ground and would be a best place for added traction.  Divide the sole of the shoe into three sections that run from toe to heal.  Inner, Middle, and Outer edge.  Place two screws in each zone.  One towards the toe and the other towards the heal.  You can see form the picture below how I have placed the six screws.  If you have a forefoot strike place more of your screws under the forefoot where you will be landing most of the time when you run.  You will find that you can still take a fall even when running in screw shoes.  But I believe you will have better footing with screws.
Another way to deal with winter running is to not run at all.  But then what kind of running addict would you be?  Get out there in winter and run.  Bundle up you will be amazed at the places your feet can take you!