Saturday, July 06, 2013

Build Phase Week 5

This week seemed long.
Sunday started with 5 miles on trails in town.  It was a lot elevation and I was happy with my hour time.
Monday and Tuesday were rest days.  Some lap swimming 500 yds and 50 meters.  did some yoga on Tuesday night.  Wednesday was a longer run of 11 miles.  I ran to the weekly BLS fun run and back home again.  Thursday was 6.2 miles that I wished was over before it even started, finished in under 57.  Friday was some yoga and strength training at home.  Saturday I hit the trails for 18 miles.  The first 4 were bad.  Wet feet and a bouncing water pack that wouldn't stay tight against my waist.  I ditched it in the car and drove to a different trail head.  Finished off my 18 miles in 3:30.  I didn't feel like an ultra runner because I am chaffed and tired, but I did improve my time 30 minutes from April.  I learned somethings that will help me come race day.  A clean shirt, socks and Vaseline in every drop bag should help!
   This next week #6 I will be running all my training runs at night or at sunset.  My old eyes don't do well in transition light so this will help with running early morning in the dark on race day.
Weekly miles = 46.1

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


     Every so often I build in rest into my schedule.  This rest period I have been beyond exhausted.  My last run was on Sunday at 9am, I will not run for another 79 hours.  In that time I will do some yoga and stretching.  I swam 100m yesterday and 500yd today, I also walked 2.6 miles, but NO running.  As the calendar turns to July I find my schedule changing.  My schedule includes more rest and longer weekend runs.  Most of my weekly miles will come from the long run.  Gone are the midweek double digits, those return in August during peak weeks.
    I think that my body is taking full advantage of this no running time.  I needed to stop by the store and get an energy drink to make it through the night.  I wish that I knew of a great all natural energy product that I could use.  My next extended rest period is at the end of July before a Fat Ass 50k.  It is weird that when I run all the time I am not tired, but when I don't run is when I get tired.  What is wrong with me?

Sunday, June 30, 2013


In thirty days of June I saw lots of road and trail.  The month started with running to the track to do speed work.  Running to a destination to run is something I have been trying to do more of.  Twice I ran from home to a fun run and back again.  Just this weekend I had my running buddy pick me up to run the local marathon build up run, then I ran home.  I got to hike and walk with my wife in Door County, a very special treat.  It was nice to get on the course for the fall event and do ten miles.  A few mid week double digit runs and you have one terrific month.  I could never do this with out God giving me strength, or my  wife and kids.  They see more of my dirty running clothes than they do of me.  205.42 miles on my feet.

Build Phase Week 4

If this blog is about running and my quest to run 50 miles.  I thought I should weekly chronicle my training.

I hit the trail of Tosa with my running buddy for 4.4 miles.  Nothing too hard just some relaxing on the trail.

Walk to work for 1.3 and some yoga at night.

Walk to work and 5 miles in the neighborhood.  A decent pace 8:30's

Walk to work.  I ran to Greenfield Park for the BLS fun run and back home.  Back home was hard but not as hard as past efforts.  1.3 walking 11.22 running.

Walk to work.  Ran 5 in the hood with a little more hills, 9:30's.  At work walked a mile and jumped on a trampoline for 30 minuets doing flips.  That is a serious workout.

No walking or running.  More trampoline at work.

Long run 6.3 for BLS marathon build up and 9.8 to run home.  Took a 3 mile walk with family after getting back.

51 miles
41.8 running
 9.2 walking

Western States Recap

Looking back on Western States 2013 it was stellar as always.  I sat near or on the computer nearly all day glued to the live results.  I am glad to see Tim Olsen repeat as champion.  He finished in 15:17, I predicted him to win! I honestly thought he would finish in 15:05.  Rob Krar had a great debut at 100 miles.  I was excited to see him finish better than I first thought.  Bowman and Clark finished in order as I predicted but it was not for 2nd and 3rd.  It was for 5th and 6th, still a great day!  Mackey and Koerner both dropped out well into the race.  Meltzer slipped to 10th from where I said he would finish 7th.  Ian Sharman had a fantastic race and cracked the top five to finish in 4th place.  Jorge slowed in the end and ended up 23rd no where near 9th.  Yassine Dibboun finished 9th with in the top ten as predicted.  A shout out goes to Mike Morton for setting a masters course record with a finish of 15:45 in 3rd place.
The Woman's race had an amazing race put together by Pam Smith.  She was on my radar to finish top ten but came away with the win in 18:37.  I expected Rory Bosio to run away with the victory, she ended up finishing 5th after a long hard day.  Kimball finished right where I thought in 2nd.  Lapierre predicted 3rd came home 6th.  Amy Sproston kicked ass and scored a podium finish in 3rd.  Nordell dropped and Arbogast finished 2 spots better.  Harrison was impressive and finished 7th.  Bourassa checked in one place better at 8th.  And Melanie Peters had some heel and stomach issues and had to drop.  I am impressed with anyone who can run 100 miles.  It was so great to follow my running heroes.  Maybe one day I can be there in person!