Saturday, September 07, 2013


     Do you have people come to your running events?  I usually don't have people come watch me.  My first marathon my wife was there waiting all day and when I bonked at mile 20.8 she was there to help me.  It was not cool waiting around all day for someone to run.  And if you were thinking it I didn't hit the wall, the wall doesn't exist.  I was dehydrated, it was a race near Chicago and it was one of those HOT years.  I should have taken more water, but that was a rookie mistake.
     My wife did join me on my first 5k at Wrigley field.  We agreed to me after the race at a specific corner.  That work well and we had no trouble meeting, but I have no idea if she actually saw me running or not.  I didn't see her, I was so focused on finishing my first 5k.  When I ran the Chicago marathon my wife waited at Starbucks and in the hotel.  When my run took longer than I thought she was left there waiting and waiting and waiting and worrying.  I also ran a Rock n Roll event in Chicago that she came with.  We tried to meet after the race, that was a nightmare.  Next time I ran Rock n Roll Chicago she waited in the hotel room and slept in enjoying some kid free time.  That worked the best to date.
     Having kids makes it difficult to have a family come and spect-wait a race.  Asking my wife to wrangle three kids under 5 years old to see daddy is a whole different kind of marathon.  The longer the run the more important it feels, but the more unknowns can go wrong.  It would be great to have my family at the end of my 50 miler, but I have no idea what shape I will be in.  I don't know if I will be able to talk.  I ran my 50k alone and came home to celebrate with my kids.  I was so happy to finish and they were excited to see me.  Since then that has been the standard in our house.  Daddy will run and we will cheer when he gets home.  

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Running Crazy

There has been a lot of stress in my life lately.  I am sure that this stress does not add to my training.  As far as the tapper goes.  I am getting to that, my body is doing odd things, stage. Hearing pops and cracks in my joints and bones.  Every day I have been looking at the route maps and elevation of the 50 miler.  No longer!  I will not look at the course map or worry about pace anymore.  Not checking the weather 4 times a day, that is a different story.  The ten day forecast has not come out yet.  I know that is what is next.
  Today during a yoga workout I cried.  I need to refocus.  Keep charging towards 50.  That has helped me stay sane for now along with God's grace.  

Sunday, September 01, 2013


No I am not talking about those sexy shorts for hot summer days.  Two words that runners fret and stress about.  "Cutoffs"  It is the maximum time a run may take to complete a section of the course or risk being asked to stop running by race officials.  As this is my first venture into 50 miles I fear not making the cut.  I attempt to predict my time to exactly at what time I will be at the aide stations.  Why?  This is my first 50 I am not going to win that is for DARN sure.  I am driven by fear of getting cutoff.  I have 13 hours to complete this event.  If I take my time from my solo 50k (6:30)  7:17 with rest stops, I should finish in 12 hours.  If I take 5 minutes at each aid station that is 12:40, that is pushing it.  What if I have to take one good poo and I am stuck for 30 minutes, game over.  That 50k was on terrain that was very hilly,  5000 ft of elevation gain over 31 miles.  The 50 has 6300 ft in the whole thing.  SO this 50k was harder terrain than that,  so that should buy me more time?  Oh and that 50k was a week after a marathon, boom more time!  Right? Who knows.  So what pace to I run at?  Do I need to push myself or listen to my body?  I know this much I will not be going out doing 8's or 9's, unless it is down hill.
My plan for race  11's is what I would like to hold as an over all pace.....