Sunday, March 02, 2014


So what is new with you?  We hear that phrase frequently in our society.  The calendar has changed but the season remains the same.  It is still cold and snowy and windy and miserable.  I have made good friends with the indoor running track.  The zero drop transition has gone well so far.  I've made it up to 4.7 miles in one run.  I experienced a minor set back this weekend in a leg cramp at night, but I got those when I ran in other shoes too.  This years first race/event will be the South Shore Half Marathon on April 5th.  I don't know how much I will race, and it will be an event for sure.  I am hoping that in 5 weeks I can stretch my distance from 4.7 miles to 13.1.  My plan is to run Wednesdays and Saturdays, Speed work and long runs.  Any time the temp is above 30 I will go for a bonus 1-3 miles.  My base is feeling better after 40 in February.  Looking ahead to March, and warmer temperatures too.