Saturday, November 01, 2014

Build week #3

Tuesday  1.2 elliptical miles, 2 miles on treadmill, and 15 minutes lifting.
Wednesday 1.4 mile walk
Thursday 3.1 miles on the treadmill
Saturday 7 miles

14.7 miles total

The week was busy at work so I got in what I could when I could.  This weeks long run was pretty hard.  My pace went from 9:00 to 11:04.  I couldn't keep an even pace at all.  I took frequent walk breaks.  My mind was playing tricks on me, by that I mean the pain in my leg.  Maybe I freaked out over it and caused the pain.  My stamina was gone.  Was it the stressful 55+ hour week? The increase in miles? Bad nutrition? Who knows!  However I did complete the distance.  Not much lingering trouble.  Sunday will be a rest day and Monday yoga, back to the miles on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Elliptical

Today was supposed to be two mile Tuesday.  I was feeling some lingering soreness in my right leg.  I went for a two mile hike in old flat zero drop shoes on Saturday and felt soreness all weekend.  Nothing major just enough to play mind games all weekend.  But with how much I have been through with this past injury I worry.  Monday I worked 13 hours and didn't have time for anything, so a double rest day on Sunday and Monday.  I was going to cross train Tuesday and then run 2 Wednesday and 3 Thursday.  When I got to the gym I hopped on an elliptical.  I felt my leg getting tight.  so after 18 minutes and 1.2 miles I jumped off.  By the way what is 1.2 elliptical miles really equate to after all?  As I though about the mechanics of my legs as I used the elliptical I didn't like what conclusion came to me.  My legs forced to stay in the same position caused me to over extend my reach.  This was creating more flexion in my ankle and thus using more of my peroneal muscle.  This extra use was not welcomed and I felt some tightness.  Also on the elliptical I noticed my hamstrings were too tight.  Maybe I also had a muscle imbalance.  The elliptical is great because there is no impact on the joints, but I think it is not for me at this point.  The voices in my head were not good.  How could I complete xyz miles if I can't even do this? I made the choice to try running on the treadmill.  I was defeated and devastated mentally, but I couldn't give up.  I took the pace slower than normal (12:00) and started with a 4 and 1 run/walk.  When I was running I was able to shorten my stride putting less strain on my peroneal, thus less tightness.  At the end of the run I started taking up the pace (8:03).  So I was able to complete two miles on the treadmill and across a range of paces from walk to 8 minuet miles.  I like the treadmill for being able to keep my pace down.  When I run on the road it is hard to pull back sometimes.  As I sit here tonight the muscle feels sore and used but not too bad.  With all that is going on I think some yoga is needed tomorrow.  I will also stay off of the elliptical for now.