Monday, December 29, 2014

Lessons learned on the run.

This is part of an old post I wrote over a year ago.  However there are many things from this that I am still learning today that this is a great reminder of.  The 50 miles that God helped me complete help teach me lesson to make it through hard days.

Some important things I learned on the run.........

God answered my prayers but wish he would answer other prayers for sick people and hard situations.

God put this hill in my way
     -to grow me stronger
     -to rely on him
     -to let His strength carry me
     -to glorify Him.

I love my wife and kids.  She does so much for every person in this family.  And she truly loves me as she submits to the Lord. 

Lastly somewhere along the course I spotted a feather.  I picked it up and put in my backpack.  In a hard spot I would think about the Bible and the verse that mentions soaring on wings like eagles.  I decided to find two more, one for each of my girls.  Little did I know how important they would be!  When I got home I looked up the full verse and cried. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Big Reveal. Part 1

If you look through past posts you will find that I was reluctant to announce my running plans for 2015.  I was worried I wouldn't register.  I was worried that I would be injured.
I have had a great build phase and a decent first 2 weeks of training.  So I battled through server issues for a few hours and registered today for part one of my next adventure.

This May I will be attempting the Ice Age Trail 50 miler.  

I have always wanted to run this event and have volunteered twice in the past.  I enjoyed my time at the road crossing on Bluff Road West helping other finish their adventure.  The event was always well put together.  In the late summer of 2013 I ran some of the Ice Age trail for my first 50 miler.  That part of the trail was further north than this event.  I have done a fair share of training and hiking on the Ice Age trail and I am excited to make it the location for another 50 mile attempt.  

Join me and follow along as I train for part one of this amazing journey. 
Stay tuned for a news announcement about part two of this journey.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


What do you wear for winter running?  Shorts, sweat pants, or tights?  Tights, for men?  No way, maybe the ladies can wear tights but men don't wear tights.  I know what your thinking, men in tights....blech!  There is nothing wrong with men in tights.  Okay only if you are an elf or in a medieval movie.

Or if in Ballet, I forgot that is an acceptable use. 

I have been wearing tights during the winter for 3 years now.  I love them.  No I don't dace or sign songs in them, but they keep me warm.  You know what else keeps me warm in the winter, sitting on the couch.  But if I am out running I don the tights, no shorts.  I think that shorts over tights is dorky.  Who am I to speak I am wearing tights.  I didn't know how socially unacceptable men in tights were until I was forced to go out in public in them.  I was getting ready for a run when the wife notified me of a clog in the toilet.  We had no plunger so I went to the hardware store all dressed for my run.  I picked out the perfect plunger and went to the check out line.  The cashier offered help to check me out, and then looked and my tights, then me, and back to the tights again.  She flashed me the not impressed face and silently did her job, that was a long awkward silence. Hey to my credit I did go out and run 13.1 miles.  I felt like I should have told everyone that gave me a weird look I was going to run a half marathon later.  

My favorite pair of tights, my only pair of tights has a hole in the crotch.  Too much chub rub I guess.  I need a new pair to train for the winter.  As funds are low my wife offered me her pair to use.  That got me thinking, what really is the difference between men's and women's tights.  To me they look the same.  Today I borrow my wife's tights to see if there is any difference.  I am able to report, I think there is.  I don' t like them there is a difference.  My butt kept hanging out the back end and the calf was too loose at the ankle, and too long.  I need a pair of MAN tights.  
Do you wear tights when you run? 

When I run in tights I like to think that I look like this. 

But I probably look more like this.....

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Build Week #7 (Final Week)

This was my final week of the build phase.  I started the week with a mile walk and later that day a 1.8 mile run.  The next day was 2 miles on the bike and some weight work.  2 days off and then a nice 5k.  A day off and then my long run of 13.1.

I ended my build phase with 13.1.  I felt good about the time.  Only 17 seconds slower than when I started my training phase in 2013.  So with all that has happened I feel good about that.  Especially being injury free and ready to move to the next phase.  Monday begins my 23 week training schedule.
December 1st the start of a new journey.


     I know it sounds corny and cliche but I am thankful for running.  I have been given life and breath from the creator.  With this life I move my body in thankfulness.  The gift of running has helped me connect to other people and has helped me connect to myself and helped me connect to God.  God created our bodies to move, when my body moves as a run I am praising my God for what he created.
Acts 17:25 He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things (running)

    There was a time this year that I was not able to run and my personal life suffered.  My psyche was trashed and I was not in a good place.  I needed to rely on my God and his patience to get over my injury.  This Thanksgiving I am truly happy to run.
Acts 17:28 For in him we live and move and have our being.  

     When I'm out running I usually pray.  I pray for others, or my family.  I pray to get through the current run sometimes.  It is my time to talk to God.  While my body is praising God through movement my mind is in communication with God.  I am excited to continue my journey in life and running.  2015 has some big things on the horizon.  I desire to grow closer to God in 2015.  However I need to rely on Him for the gift of running.
Job 33:4 The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.