Sunday, January 19, 2014

What to do in 2014

What happens on the days you run 13.1 miles but feel like you could keep going.  What if you set out to run 50k, just didn't have it and stop at 16.  After searching what to do for my running year the picture is finally becoming more clear.  Due to circumstances outside of my control I now have a better vision for 2014.  This year I want to give back to the running community.  I desire to keep running simple and primitive.
There is a certain thrill that is only found on race day.  It is injected in our veins and makes us run too fast at the sound of the gun and sign up for another race even though we swear to never do it again, EVER!
I love race day, but after reflecting on it.  I don't get it.  Why should I pay 65$ to run 13.1 miles in the woods.  I could run on the same trails any other day for free.  If I were to take that 65$ I could buy my own tech shirt, a case of beer, and a few boxes of cliff bars.  I would still have money left over.  Some say it is the lure of giving back to charity to enter a race.  I can donate 50$ to the charity of my choice and run my butt off 20 times around the block.  What about the shared experiences?  How many runners you know blog about it? Write about it on Dailymile or Facebook?  We are all connected via technology in greater ways than ever before.  There is something to say about personal contact with other humans from time to time, even the apes need it.  So the next time I am out for a run it may be a race.  If you are the guy in front of me I just may race you, yes on what you perceive as a "training" run.  However, it's my race day baby!  I don't want to be "that" guy that makes every thing a male ego competition.  I just do not get paying lots of money for an experience that I can make better myself.  Now there are some races that allow you to run on city streets that are normally closed to foot traffic.  I get that.  Signing up for a race can give us something to focus on and train for.  Races are great for that.
This year I am going to focus on being a pacer for two half marathons.  It is one way I can give back to others.  I will also be volunteering at the Ice Age 50.  The last two years I've sat at a road crossing, and I will be back at my post again this year.  In August the Triathlon Nationals will be in Milwaukee and once again I will help out with that.
I made a pact with my running buddy to not run any event over 13.1 miles.  Personally I want to run South Shore Half, and maybe the BLS half in August.  I may also add the Dances with Dirt in Devils Lake.  It is 49$ and a few hours drive.  I have not fully justified the total cost yet.  I know that for 51$ I can get a pair of trail shoes and run all summer long.  Until then I will run for what it is.  Moving my feet!