Saturday, November 16, 2013

Addicted to sugar

I love sugar.  Let me say that again, I LOOOOOVE SUGAR.  Cookies wont last more than a day in this house, because I eat them all.  You would think I'm covered in blue fur the way I eat cookies.  It is not because I am hiding in the closet or waiting till the kids go to bed.  I am eating them in the wide open,  in the daylight with the curtains open.  No shame in my sugar game.  It's not just cookies, but chocolate too and mints from the drawer at work.  Did I mention ice cream, or should I say custard.  Custard is like ice cream, but way better.  I have lost all control.  When I was in training for my 50 I gave up a lot of sugar.  I knew that if I limited my body sugar, when I needed it during a run in the form of a gel my body would respond better.
Fast forward two months and 8 pounds heavier.  I am not running nearly as many miles I used to.  And I have no event to work for.  Add to that stress.  My diet has been lost.  I've been eating pizza because its easy.  Extra bowls of cereal after eating a big dinner.  Stress eating is nothing new to me.  I discovered that frightening truth about myself on my journey.  I just got off the scale 173.4.  Something needs to be done before it gets worse.  Holidays are right around the corner too, a usually difficult dieting time of year.  My summer running weight is around 165, +- 2 pounds.

 The way I see it I can either run more miles or face the issue.  If you have any ideas let me know.  I plan on eating lots of apples.  I heard an idea to melt dark chocolate in peanut butter and grab only a spoonful when faced with a craving.

 Until I can figure a way to cut sugar from my diet and fight cravings I will be cranky and irritable.

  Pass the cookies please.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marathon Man

Never have I read a book about a persons life that was so encouraging.  I recently finished "Marathon Man" a story about Bill Rodgers.  Until I picked up the book I never head of Bill Rodgers.  Reading this book was like a fun run.  I breezed through it and was highly encouraged when done.  Rodgers talks of himself and others that started the running boom of the 70's.  The names he dropped I've heard before but never really knew of their accomplishments or relation to the foundation of the sport I love, running.  I find myself much like Rodgers, yet far apart.  I have a great love to move and run, but I will never run 5 minute miles in a marathon.  I work with emotionally disturbed children, just like Rodgers did.  Knowing that was highly encouraging.  I love to walk outside with the kids at work, it really does help them think and process better.  I was proud to read that he disagreed with war and stood up for his beliefs.  I see many parallels to his life and mine.  I think I found a new running hero.  Rodgers is a fierce competitor and trains even harder.  There is much as a runner to take away from this book.  Every chapter has a quote within the text that could be written on your walls, running truth!  Bill Rodgers has penned a runners gospel.  So much of this book speaks to me, and I encourage you to read it too.  After reading this book I would love to one day run with Rodgers, or push myself to qualify` for Boston someday.  On the top of my Christmas list is a Bill Rodgers Running Center t-shirt, and maybe a snoopy hat.  If you are a runner pick up this book or even better get this book for a runner in your life.
"Never quit"  "Always keep moving forward"  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hanging in there

I found a 20k race that I am going to enter.  The local running club I am part of is having an inaugural event.  I have never done a 20k race, come to think of it I don't know if I've ever run 12.4 miles exactly before.  My mind immediately thinks why not add the extra .7 and make it a half.  I am going to run the 12.4 hard I will wish not to run the last .7.   This event is to raise money and toys for Toys for Tots something that we as a family support.  Also this event is indoors on a .285 or 443 meter track.

I hope that this event being near Christmas doesn't turn into something of a gimmick.  I have seen a slew of Turkey runs and Santa or Elf this and mustache that.  Not to mention all the color and electric runs. Most, if not all of those events are 5k.  3.1 miles is a long way if you don't run much, or are coming back from an injury.  Some people love that distance and will run 5k's all the time.  Nothing against bettering yourself.  I love running because of how we can all relate to each other but at the same time is very individualistic.  I see 5k's as the gateway drug to marathons and beyond.  

This week also got my cast changed.  It was rubbing and pinching my hard, rubbing it raw.  The temporary fix only made things worse.  So this time I got a cast that would match all my running shoes.
This week the forecast is supposed to be under 40 for highs all week.  Normally I am gun ho about running.  But the stress lately, combined with weather plus this cast is harder to run in that the last,  I think I will take a break this week.  I have no real running goal to accomplish this week.  And that is okay.  
Till next run....6 on Saturday!