Saturday, March 22, 2014

Almost There

 I just finished my long run for the upcoming half marathon.  This year I made a pact with my running buddy that we will not run a race over 13.1.  We wanted to make a commitment to our families and not eat up so much time away from home.
   10+ miles in my Altra Instincts 1.5 and my legs feel okay.

 Nothing out of the ordinary.  I continue to stretch my legs around the house during the day.  I should be good to go in two weeks for 13.1.  My goal for that race is just to complete the distance wearing zero drop shoes.
    Looking at my twitter information (DR_Foucault click here to visit) my information says ultra-runner this weekend.  Well that is a lie.  Since I am not running anything over 13.1 can I call myself an ultrarunner?  Okay maybe former ultrarunner.  After this half marathon I feel like I can call myself a zero drop runner.  Until then I am just going to well, run.  Because running is what I do.  I am a runner.
   Speaking of running.  I got a new to me bike.

So glad I have something to ride to work, when if it gets warmer.  Also plan on using this for some cross training.  I took it out for an almost 5 mile spin.  Wow, that is some different kind of leg workout. 
  For now I will continue to work towards 13.1 in my zero drops.  Add some biking in there when the weather lets me.  After April 5th, the half marathon, I will start working on more trails and hills, hills and hills.