Tuesday, December 02, 2014


What do you wear for winter running?  Shorts, sweat pants, or tights?  Tights, for men?  No way, maybe the ladies can wear tights but men don't wear tights.  I know what your thinking, men in tights....blech!  There is nothing wrong with men in tights.  Okay only if you are an elf or in a medieval movie.

Or if in Ballet, I forgot that is an acceptable use. 

I have been wearing tights during the winter for 3 years now.  I love them.  No I don't dace or sign songs in them, but they keep me warm.  You know what else keeps me warm in the winter, sitting on the couch.  But if I am out running I don the tights, no shorts.  I think that shorts over tights is dorky.  Who am I to speak I am wearing tights.  I didn't know how socially unacceptable men in tights were until I was forced to go out in public in them.  I was getting ready for a run when the wife notified me of a clog in the toilet.  We had no plunger so I went to the hardware store all dressed for my run.  I picked out the perfect plunger and went to the check out line.  The cashier offered help to check me out, and then looked and my tights, then me, and back to the tights again.  She flashed me the not impressed face and silently did her job, that was a long awkward silence. Hey to my credit I did go out and run 13.1 miles.  I felt like I should have told everyone that gave me a weird look I was going to run a half marathon later.  

My favorite pair of tights, my only pair of tights has a hole in the crotch.  Too much chub rub I guess.  I need a new pair to train for the winter.  As funds are low my wife offered me her pair to use.  That got me thinking, what really is the difference between men's and women's tights.  To me they look the same.  Today I borrow my wife's tights to see if there is any difference.  I am able to report, I think there is.  I don' t like them there is a difference.  My butt kept hanging out the back end and the calf was too loose at the ankle, and too long.  I need a pair of MAN tights.  
Do you wear tights when you run? 

When I run in tights I like to think that I look like this. 

But I probably look more like this.....