Friday, July 12, 2013

Dark Corners of my Mind

1:30am and I am contemplating biting my phone the pain is so great.  I cannot move at all.  Muscle cramps in both my calves have rendered me useless.  Que brain freak out in 3..2...1... My mind begins to wonder to bad places.  I wonder if I should give up the 50 miler and drop to 26.2.  Maybe I should drop my training level and build back up.  Maybe I should not run my 26.2 this weekend.  I could just need compression socks or sleeves.  It feels like I have two golf ball bruises in my legs.

   I fell back asleep and never got out of bed.  I woke up and felt like my legs could seize up again any minute.  I could barley walk with out holding on to the wall.  Took a shower and wrapped my leg with an ace bandage.  This is my first bump in the road this year.  Every running year I have a little hiccup, freak out, and recover.  I hope this one is short.  My mind is still in a dark, bad place.

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Diane said...

Have you done any research on how your nutritional needs will change as you run longer distances? For those of us not training to run insane distances, night cramps of that sort can be caused by low levels of potassium. Dehydration is also a factor. You may not feel dehydrated, but you need more fluid than you think.

Will pray for the night cramps to go away. I've been there - not fun at all.