Thursday, September 12, 2013

Race Eve-Eve

2 days until the big day, you think I would be getting married.  More like actually one day at this point.  If you ask my wife I have been married to running for the last 3 months.  Tonight I packed all my drop bags for the race.  I plan on starting with a headlamp and long sleeve pull over, it is supposed to be lower 40's at the start.  I also packed my headband that covers the ears.  Drop bag #1 will be at the first aid station at mile 6.7 so I can drop the headlamp and long sleeve.  It is still supposed to be chilly at that time but I figure its always better to warm up than over dress.  There are other aid stations but I do not plan on using a drop bag till mile 21.2 and 35.  That aid station is in the same location.  In that bag I packed two shirts and two socks as well as shorts pre-pinned to change my bib over if needed.  Also included are Advil, salt, cliff bars, and Gatorade mix, shoes, towel, and 50oz bladder pack.  In that pack is a back up shit and socks, cliff bar, headphones, and lube.  My last bag is for the car to change after then event.  I think I got everything.

All I have left to do is rest and run.  I feel ready and cannot wait to run....till next run! 

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