Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Running Crazy

There has been a lot of stress in my life lately.  I am sure that this stress does not add to my training.  As far as the tapper goes.  I am getting to that, my body is doing odd things, stage. Hearing pops and cracks in my joints and bones.  Every day I have been looking at the route maps and elevation of the 50 miler.  No longer!  I will not look at the course map or worry about pace anymore.  Not checking the weather 4 times a day, that is a different story.  The ten day forecast has not come out yet.  I know that is what is next.
  Today during a yoga workout I cried.  I need to refocus.  Keep charging towards 50.  That has helped me stay sane for now along with God's grace.  

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