Monday, June 16, 2014

It's been awhile

I have still been running, in fact I have also been biking a lot too.  May I had the most miles in a month ever 338!  With the start of a new job I have had little time to blog.  I don't have an amazing long journey line up for the fall.  However I do have some great half marathons on the schedule.  I just finished pacing the Rock n Sole half in Milwaukee.  WOW, that is one of the greatest feelings to lead other people to reach their goals.  I added another pair of Altra running shoes to the mix.  The Torin is a great shoe with added cushioning.  I tried on the Olympus at a local running store and did not like the over cushioned feeling.  Going to take time in the next month to prepare for a trail half at Dances with Dirt.  It should be a great course and a great time with friends and family.  In the mean time keep running, stay strong....till next run....

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