Friday, May 24, 2013

Your Distance? 
     Have you ever seen those cars with stickers that have varying differing numbers?  A few years ago I had no idea what these were.  Now that I am part of the "in" club, I know.  After completing a hard task or conquering a PR we runners love to brag about it, to anyone who is willing or not willing to listen.  I must admit that when driving I must look at the person behind the wheel and judge if I think they can complete the distance listed on their vehicle.  I have seen some funny ones including a "DNF" sticker.  I myself have a few.  They are all magnetic and are not on the car anymore, they live on the fridge.  The fridge is a great place for running stickers.  Every time I go back for more beer or ice cream I am reminded of what I have accomplished.  Also being held by said running stickers are flyers for my upcoming races.

     What is your distance?

     What is your favorite distance to race or biggest running accomplishment?

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