Sunday, June 23, 2013

     I am proud to say that I have not had a doughnut to eat ALL summer.  Yes I get that summer is a few days old.  However it almost happened today.  On my way home from a run I drove by the bakery or as I like to call it now "where the devil lives"  Good thing I was sweaty and gross and the store was full of people.  I kept driving and rejoiced at the fact I didn't give in.  Yea I win!  Until mid afternoon when I wanted Ice cream.  It was so warm out and it sounded so good.  A summer day and Ice Cream they are SUPPOSED to go together.  I chose a hand full of cashews in place of ice cream.  Yea I win again!  2-0 ME! Later that day the air conditioning broke and the kids were being naughty and I was a sweaty mess.  My my shirt off and my belly sticking out as I sat on the couch and looked on the computer for Sonic half priced Ice Cream drinks.  I got up and made myself a protein shake and had a clif bar.  3-0 OHH YEA!
     I struggle to eat a lot of food, and food that is good for you.  Where I work we have meals provided to us, but they are really bad and not good for you at all.  So most days I end up eating a salad and skip dressing because I don't want 17-20g of fat and HFCS.  We cannot bring our own food due to other issues, so that is out of the question too.  I am debating eating an early dinner and a late dinner to solve this trouble.  This is the last week I will be counting calories.  I have learned that I need to cut fat out of my diet and lower my sodium levels too.  Ha, makes those cashews sound like an iffy option.
    I feel like I won today, but then again I didn't.  If I am going to eat healthy this is going to be a lifestyle change.  So with this minor victory I move on to tomorrow where a whole new world of big mac's and sweet foods await me.  Ooo big mac's, is McDonald's still open?

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Joy Foucault said...

Mmmmm, Taco Bell! Very proud you skipped the bakery most of all. WTG!