Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Western States

The end of June can only mean one thing.  Hot weather and WESTERN STATES!  I am excited to follow many of my running heroes as they push their bodies and the limits of ultra running. The Western States 100 was originally an 100 mile horse trek race.  But after a horse was knocked out of the competition Gordy Ainsleigh was inspired to race against the horses and travel on foot the following year.  This was the start of the 100 mile ultra event.  The event takes place in California in the Serria Nevada Mountains.  It starts at Squaw Valley and takes you up and down mountains and valleys of snow and heat to Auburn California.  Last year Tim Olsen won in a record time of 16:44.  I was able to see him finish 7th at the Ice Age 50 and was impressed how easy he made running look.  This year at Western States there are many great athletes entered, here is how I see them finishing.

#1 Tim Olsen  
I think that he has a great shot to repeat this year.  With it being a hot year look for him to finish just over 15 hours.

#2 Dylan Bowman
Last year Dylan finished just over 16 hours in 7th place.  Look for him to improve and break 16 this year.  Just this May he won Miwok 60k and took second in the fall at Run Rabbit Run 100.

#3 Nick Clark
Nick has been on the doorstep of winning Western States and anything can happen in 100 miles.  Nick is capable of winning, but I don't think this is the year.  Nick did have great performances at Leadvill 100 beating Anton Krupicka almost breaking 17 hours.

#4 Rob Krar
Krar does not have a long running resume, but what is on it is amazing.  Rob smashed a running record for the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim trail in the grand canyon.  He has speed in college broke 2 minuets for 800.  Krar won Leona Divide 50 just this April.  This is his 100 mile debut

Rounding out the top ten
#5 Dave Mackey
#6 Hal Koerner
#7 Karl Meltzer
#8 Ian Sharman
#9 Jorge Maravilla
#10 Yassine Diboun

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