Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gear Review Update!

A few weeks ago I got some new running gear.  My North Face Hat is living up to par.  It is a great hat that keeps me cool on hot days and moves sweat off my head.  The smart wool socks got a real chance to work on a recent trail run.  The early morning dew soaked my feet after 2 miles.  4 miles into the run I took off my shoes to ring out my socks.  14 more miles with wet feet and no blisters.  Smart wool really works!  The other piece of gear I got was a CamelBak FlashFlo running bladder.  It worked great to have water on the run at all times.  What didn't work is the way the pack rides.  It doesn't!  I tried it out for 9 miles on the road and was able to make it work by really tightening the belt, but it hurt my intestines it was cinched so tight.  I took it out for a spin on the trails and after one mile if that I wanted to throw it in the woods.  It would bounce so bad and I couldn't get it tight against my back.  I tried to wear it over one shoulder, didn't work.  I ended up taking it off and carrying it by hand till I was able to ditch it in the car.  Since it once contained water and doesn't have the original tags on it I cannot return the idem.  So I am stuck with it for now.

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