Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ready for the Run

This Saturday was my longest training run, 50k.  All went okay and there were no major issues.  Just lots of running and lots of walking.  Last time I ran a 50k it was in the snow and ice, I finished in 8:17.  This go round I finished in 7:17.  My running time was 6:30 so I felt good about my outcome, with :47 minuets of rest stops.  Then I started freaking out.  I entered my times into running calculators and figured I will be real close to missing the cut offs.  Two weeks ago I ran a marathon, last weekend I ran two half marathons close to 2:00 with a nasty migraine in between and then ran a 50k this weekend. Maybe race day I will be more rested.  
   My first mile of yesterdays run was in 12:22.  I felt a little slow for the first mile, but I said to myself, if I can hold this pace all day I'd be happy with that.  My overall running pace was 12:26.  Right on target.  I am thinking that come race day I will shoot for 12-13 pace with 5-10 minute rest stops I should be fine.  How do you run 50 miles? Let me count the ways.  It's only a 50k and half marathon and a 10k.  I like to think of it more as 1+1+1+1+1+1......
    This week I ran 13.1 on Sunday a 10k on Wednesday and 50k on Saturday.  Throw in walking 6.5 miles for my commute to work, a 5k fun run, and swimming a mile I have had one monster week.  If I can do this I hope I can do 50 miles.

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