Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seeking to make running less lonely and selfish.

     Running is a lonely sport.  It is you and the trail, or road, for miles and hours on end.  Plenty of time to think and plenty of time to lose yourself.  Sometimes I run with others and sometimes I listen to music.  But I would say that 80% of my running is done alone.  Running is a battle against myself.  At times I win and at times I lose.
    When I started running I was the back of the pack and I felt like I was chasing everyone.  Now I still feel like I am chasing people just in the middle of the pack now.  But who are these people?  Fellow runners out to gain their own accomplishments.  
   So why do we all train and work hard alone but then come together on race day?  Race day is a collection of selfish people all geeked up to run their best.  Better hope that routine has been followed and on track otherwise the runners will get cranky.  And we all know how cranky and particular runners can be.
      Seeking to make running less lonely and selfish.

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