Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back at it

     After some extended rest I am back!  I went for a mile test/warm up on the trails near Whitnall park.  All went well so I decided to run the last fun run of the year.  My local running club has Wednesday Fun runs all year long.  This week was the last of the year and I thought it would be a good test of my legs.  I know every crevasse and dip along those three miles.  I feel like I could run it with my eyes closed.  So I knew it would be a good test to see what my legs feel like.  I would know what is a twinge in my muscles vs just a crack in the pavement.  I felt strong the first 2 miles and pushed the pace hard.  My legs responded well.  No sharp pain, Bonus!  After 2 miles I knew that my tank was starting to drain.  A few people that I passed early got me in the last mile.  I could have pushed it more, but I was just testing the waters.  Overall I felt strong. 23:24 for 3 miles not a PR for that course, I was 9 seconds beyond that, but felt like I could have hit that mark if I pushed harder.  After running my legs felt sore but no sharp pain.  I slept on them and felt good again today.  My hips did feel a little tight after a hard day at work but some yoga at night and walking home fixed that right up.
   I have not taken more that two days off of running in forever, March actually.  But 4 days off of running sure worked.  I am still a little tight and creaky, but feeling good about running.  Feelings about life?  That is another type of blog all together.
     Tomorrow is packet pick up for the Brewers Mini.  I get the pleasure to help pace again.  I love helping others reach their running goals.
     From here there are 10 days until Lakefront marathon.  My A goal is still going try and break 4 hours....till next run!

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