Sunday, September 22, 2013

Running Status : OUT

     Friday night I went out for a 8 mile run.  That was not a good idea.  It was too much for me at this point in my schedule.  The pain was intense.  My running buddy and I ended up walking in the last mile.  I have been struggling with some pain in my lower leg.  I don't know if it is shin splints, or a high ankle sprain, maybe tendonitis or muscle tightness?  I can't go see a doctor because of other situations.  I have been wrapping it with compression, icing it, and stretching it.  Not to mention self massage all the time.  It feels like a cramp in my muscle on my high ankle.  The ankle itself was swollen for days and that has finally gone down after a week.  When standing flat on the ground if I lift my toes up leaving my heal on the ground I feel the pain.  At times the pain is very sharp, most other times its a constant dull ache.
      Saturday I went for a rehabilitation assignment.  I hiked 2 miles with the family on part of the course that I ran the 50 on last week.  I did run a tenth of a mile and payed for it.  When I ran my 50 the plan became run the downhills, walk everything else, and run when you can.  I need to continue to use this philosophy.  Today I am officially listed as OUT of running.  I expect to be out 2-3 days.  From there Wednesday looks Doubtful.  I will continue to walk and do yoga as rehabilitation.  I do not want this to turn into something that needs serious repair....till next run!

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