Monday, September 16, 2013

Post 50 miler

     Two days ago I ran a long way.  It feels like it was weeks ago.  If you ever have the chance to run a North Face event, do it!
  The first night after the race I could not sleep and my stomach was not at 100%  I could eat but it was upset at me.  My legs felt okay and I took a couple baths and continued to stretch.  The next day I went for a 5k run walk and felt good.  But as the day went on I could not get loose.  My body kept getting tighter and tighter.  Monday, the second day after all the aches and pains finally began to settle.  I am now able to tell what hurts and what is just soreness.  My right shin keeps cramping up.  It happened after the Chicago marathon too.  My stomach is still not 100%.  I can eat but I cannot eat with out pain in my stomach.
      Will I try and run 100 miles?  Naw.  Will I do a 50 miler again?  Maybe, but not next year and probably not the year after.  I would do it only if I could run 25 miles a week.  50+ mile weeks are nuts and I have no current motivation to leave my family for that long or put in that kind of work.  There is a 50k in my near future, The John Dick 50k in February.  I don't know if I will even run a marathon in 2014 unless it is a spur of the moment decision.  I really have no motivation to train.  In my mind I would like to focus on the half marathon.  I would love get into the 1:40's.
    Now for some race day pictures.....

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