Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Begining to run again

     Tonight after work I will be going on my first real run after the 50.  I am excited to run again.  Most of the pain is gone.  My right foot is still a little swollen, but its getting better.  In the next 18 days I have a half marathon and a full marathon to complete.  The half marathon I am pacing and the full I would love to break 4 hours.  I am sitting here trying to figure out how much and what type of workouts I should do to get me ready for the marathon.  After this process I feel like I could create training plans for other runners, and get paid for it. 
     I have come up with the idea to run one peak week, what ever that will look like, 30+ miles.  And then begin a 10 day taper.  Here is to a great week of running where ever your feet may land. 

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