Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Lakefront Marathon Prep

     This upcoming marathon will be my last road marathon for a while.  I do not expect to run an organized road marathon in 2014.  Maybe a trail marathon but most likely a trail 50k.  My running buddy and I are planning on training for a fast half with one or two 20 milers and that is it.  More on what 2014 will look like in another blog post.
     At Lakefront I want to give 100% or blow up.  If I do blow up it is my last race of the year.  My A goal is to finish in 3:55.  I plan on sticking with the pace team for as long as possible.  I think this goal can be accomplished.  Using some running calculators if I ran a half in 1:51:25 I should be able to break 3:55.  The predicted 3 mile time for a 3:55 marathon is 23:03.  I just ran a 23:24 and that was slowing down and holding up.
    Usually by this time of the week I know exactly what I am going to eat for dinner every night, when I am going to bed and getting up, what day and how far my last taper run will be.  As of now I still don't know.  I have an idea but nothing really planned.  I looked at the weather and it looks cool, but I haven't thought about what I will wear.  I take that back I know I will wear my Asics DS-18.
     If I have to nail down goals I would say they are as follows....
A goal 3:55
B goal break 4:00
C goal PR break 4:46
D goal finsih

The Race will be here and gone before I can blink.  Maybe I am not motivated.  I am pumped to try and give all I can on that day....till next run~

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