Saturday, October 12, 2013

Memories of Chicago

I did the one thing as a runner I should have never done.  Said I would never run a road marathon next year. A week later guess what I want to do?  I want to run Chicago next year.  I had a great time at lakefront but it made me miss Chicago.  I thought I would include my write up from 2012 after running Chicago with some pictures.  I cannot wait to tune in online to the live broadcast and read everybody's race recaps!  I have been searching twitter for strangers pics of the expo.  I am going through withdrawal.  If you could sign up now for 2014 I would do it!  Till then enjoy....
Chicago Marathon 26.2 mi 04:47 10:56 pace
Full review
Started the morning by waking up at 3am, so I lay around the hotel room. Put on a pace tattoo, but half of it wouldn't stick and fell off. Never tried that before and you know race day is perfect for that kind of stuff. So I only had pace info till 13.1. Ate my Wheaties for breakfast of course, and left at 6:15. I got to walk down with my two cousins to the start area. We checked our gear and waited forEVER in the potty line.
From there I said our good lucks. I lined up near the 4:10 pace group, but later would decide that was a mistake. I wore some of my old fat clothes that I was going to donate to charity anyways. Man was I nervous and excited. I stayed near the 4:10 group the first few miles. They were pissing me off so I dropped them for a few miles. They were wildly inconsistent, 10 seconds too fast, 20 too slow, 15 too fast. They would jump in and out of traffic, easy for a pacer, but the whole crowd would do the same to stay on their heels, it was a mess. At about mile 10 when I started feeling a blister form on my toe they caught back up to me. I figured at that time I would wait till the first aid station after 13.1 to use the restroom to keep the kidneys working and tie my shoe tighter to fix the blister from getting worse. It wasn't a bad blister just knew I would have one there.

After 14ish I stopped to use it and fix myself up. Before that I got some stomach cramps like I did at BLS half after eating a Cliff Razz gel. No more of those for me when running under 10's. Just did some Tai chi while I ran...blowing clouds.

Not long after that mile 16-17 I started to feel a twinge in my right quad. So I changed some of the water stops and opted for Gatorade. That didn't work and I took a second gel at 15ish. By mile 18 my legs was IN pain. I started having to walk the aid stations to recover enough to run on it again. Some where along there I had to stop for a pit stop again as I thought I was going to pants my poop. Got some bio freeze for it, some vasiline for my ummm ummm, and a s-cap that I dissolved into a Gatorade. At this point I was taking frequent 5 minute walk breaks.
Your mind sure likes to play tricks on you during a marathon. Mile 20.8 came (the place I blew up last year) and my body had all kind of funny aches. I simply said STFU and kept running.
I love running through the different neighborhoods. Pilsen was my favorite. Next was Chinatown or the loop areas. And Old town gets an honorable mention. There were parts you would come over a bridge and there would be a huge crowd of people waiting to cheer you on. In Chinatown it was full sun, so I stripped down to just at shirt and finally pitched my hat, gloves and long sleeve. (If anyone has shirt less pics of a sexy ass runner in Chinatown please forward them to me.)

Most times I saw a camera man I gave them a thumbs up and rock on for my three daughters. I thought about them frequently on my run today. It was go great to run up Michigan, cold too. When I got to 400 yds I thought about the runner that died last year right there. My mind placed tricks on me and my heart was skipping a beat. STFU and keep running! I hit 26, ONLY 385 more yards, turned that corner and saw the finishline. It was so glorious!

It was not the time I wanted, but I should have been smarter. I was sick for a week. I even took off of work on Friday. It's not an excuse, but just a lesson for next time. Maybe, right now I want to sleep. Thank you to all who follow me your encouraging keeps me going!
This is my first official marathon finish. I did it un-supported last year in 5:34. So this by default is a PR. I always set the bar too high for myself and then second guess and get all moody at my events. Should I have taken music? I am so glad I didn't I was able to experience Chicago. Should I have taken a handheld? I think what I did was fine, I would have drank less with a handheld. I would have skipped aid stations. Should I have ran with the 4:25? That is maybe a yes. I think that is my downfall there.
I love Chicago and am so happy to finally be a Chicago Marathon Finisher...till next run!

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