Thursday, October 10, 2013


Does this image remind you of anything?
When I was a kid I loved playing Nintendo.  While playing a game if it ever froze you could press the reset button and try again.  

I think it is time to reset my running.  I do not know what or how long the reset phase will take.  When I first started running I would go out for 1.3 miles.  It took me near 20 minutes to finish the first time.  I slowly got faster.  When I felt good with my time I graduated to a 2 mile route.  From there a 2.83 and then a 3.22 route.  Why those numbers?  It was distance to a local park via a parkway.  Two months after I started running I tried a half marathon.  It took 3:30 and hurt like HECK!  But I was so proud and hooked.  

    With nothing on the running calendar I have no idea what to do.  I wanted to get faster but didn't know how much speedwork to do.  So I got the idea to restart my running and do what I did the very first time I went running.  I laced up my shoes and went out to run a mile as hard as I could.  It felt weird to almost take more time to get ready than to actually run.  I also used my zero drop Saucony Viratta's.  I tried to use them back in the spring and would go half a mile a day then up to a mile after a few weeks then to a mile and a half.  I had the great idea of using them for a 4 mile track workout since the running part would only be 2 miles and 2 miles walking rest.  Well that was too much too soon.  So while I reset my running I am also trying out to transition to these shoes.  I walk 1.3 miles a day and stay on my feet very active all day at work in Altra Instincts.  My plan is to run at least a mile 3-5 times a week and 6-10 on the weekends.  
   We will see where this plan takes me, but it is my plan till the end of the year, for now.  Below are some pics from last weekends Lakefront Marathon.  

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