Sunday, November 03, 2013

What's next

     I am wanting to challenge myself but not knowing how.  Not being able to start P90X till December 1st.  I started adding distance to my daily mile.  1, 1.23, 1.45.  I have been running those miles in my zero drop shoes.  So for the time being that is what I am doing.
     2014 is still a big question mark.  After starting to read "Marathon Mam" I would love to run Boston or New York someday.  That will require a lot of money, that wont be happening in 2014.  Chicago again?  Maybe if I can figure a way to make it cheep, aka sleep in my car.  Now that I know Lakefront better, improve my time to under 4 hours?  Do I improve my time on the half?
    When I think of a running adventure what comes to mind is Badwater Marathon, running all night long,  ascending a mountain.  Some ideas I've had are running to Chicago and taking the bus home.  Running the whole river to river trail (140 miles).  Completing the whole Ice Age trail (1100 miles).  I could take the cost of a race and apply that to running all weekend in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I don't really foresee any of that happening in 2014.  
    I have even been thinking of shoes for 2014.  Ever since reading "Born to Run" I have began to question the need for support shoes.  Are they really needed.  Everyone is different but I have been fine with light miles in zero drop and walking to work daily and using zero drop shoes everyday.  Last year I went from a heavy support shoe to a more moderate support platform and have had no issues.  Maybe its time to take another step in minimizing my footwear choices.
    I have resolved to live in the now and enjoy what I have and can do with the gift of running.  My goal is to get near 3 miles a day and see what happens...till next run!

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