Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hanging in there

I found a 20k race that I am going to enter.  The local running club I am part of is having an inaugural event.  I have never done a 20k race, come to think of it I don't know if I've ever run 12.4 miles exactly before.  My mind immediately thinks why not add the extra .7 and make it a half.  I am going to run the 12.4 hard I will wish not to run the last .7.   This event is to raise money and toys for Toys for Tots something that we as a family support.  Also this event is indoors on a .285 or 443 meter track.

I hope that this event being near Christmas doesn't turn into something of a gimmick.  I have seen a slew of Turkey runs and Santa or Elf this and mustache that.  Not to mention all the color and electric runs. Most, if not all of those events are 5k.  3.1 miles is a long way if you don't run much, or are coming back from an injury.  Some people love that distance and will run 5k's all the time.  Nothing against bettering yourself.  I love running because of how we can all relate to each other but at the same time is very individualistic.  I see 5k's as the gateway drug to marathons and beyond.  

This week also got my cast changed.  It was rubbing and pinching my hard, rubbing it raw.  The temporary fix only made things worse.  So this time I got a cast that would match all my running shoes.
This week the forecast is supposed to be under 40 for highs all week.  Normally I am gun ho about running.  But the stress lately, combined with weather plus this cast is harder to run in that the last,  I think I will take a break this week.  I have no real running goal to accomplish this week.  And that is okay.  
Till next run....6 on Saturday!

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