Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's been going on.

It has been over a month since my last post.  Life has been busy, in fact it always is.  As I grow older my focus changes.  I place more importance on lasting relationships and people.  I will always have a heart for running.  It is a place my soul feels free and a way I can communicate with my creator.
During this holiday season I encourage you to run.  After all it is a great way to counter act some of those extra calories.  But connect with your loved ones and spend time with family.  Help a stranger.
I am happy to report my cast is off.  I am working through a twisted knee from sledding with my kids last weekend.  I have not run much in the last two weeks.  I opted to spend time sledding versus a run for myself.  Now I did wear my Garmin to see how many miles of hill repeats I covered sledding, just cause.  You can curb the runner in me, but it is part of my life.  I recently took down my running medals that were displayed in the main hallway.  I felt it was showing off and felt too prideful to my guests.  If you truly know me, you know I am a running geek.  I want to help others bring out the geek.  But I wanted to hang something more important to my life in that place of honor.  My wife found the perfect thing and put up some of my kids artwork!
I did not run that 20k.  Money has been tight so I opted to use the money and spend it on a pizza party with my kids.  I don't if they will remember this exact party.  However it is about investing time and building a relationship with them.  I don't know if I would remember a 20k event 5 years down the road.
I am still shooting to run the John Dick 50k or at least the first 10k.  No medals, just running in the woods me and my creator and some running buddies.
Get back to family this season, share the love.  It is okay to take a break.

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