Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Years Resolutions?

Every year when people wake up tired and hungover on this day hopes and aspirations of a better self awake too.
This year I do not have any concrete goals.  They are more approximations and guidelines.  As humans we all want to improve and better ourselves.  So in the spirit of improvement I desire to better myself.

Physically I would love to drop some weight.  Last year at this time I set a goal to get below 160 pounds and I did it for a few weeks.  As I sit and write this I am almost 20 pounds heavier.  I don't know how much I want to lose, but I know in peak form 165-168 pounds is a great racing weight.  I will not be in peak form till May or June, so I have some time.  Around Christmas time I let my self go and begin to eat like junk and run less.  This year the damage is about 15 pounds worth.  Last year I took a weekend in January to reset my body.  I ate juice for breakfast and lunch and a vegetarian meal for dinner.  I plan on doing it again this weekend.  I need to limit my intake of sugar and fatty foods.  I let myself get out of control over the holidays. This post is more of an awaking and confession of bad habits that need to get back in line.

Mentally, I suppose reading more would increase my mental fortitude.  Less television in 2014 would help.  There is too much on TV lately that is crap and awful to subject my children to.

Spiritually, I want to love more.  I wish to be an open and accepting person.  I want to help love people who need it.

All these are good things for the new year, but they are hard to measure.  That is why I feel like they are my guidelines for 2014.  I could say I will only watch 10 hours of TV per week.  What if I watch 11?  Will I be a failure?  I am not setting strict limitations because of a fear of failure, but because I become too legalistic.  I would log my hours spent and think about and plan my life around what I want to watch because I can only watch so much.  If I aim to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month I will weigh my self everyday and count calories like Scrooge.  These actions, all though good for myself, will be a living nightmare for my family.  I desire to live life connect to God and others in freedom.  I want my life to be marked with improvement and maturity.  But not at the cost of others.

Here is to a better 2014!

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