Tuesday, April 08, 2014

South Shore Half Marathon

This past weekend I ran the south shore half marathon.  This race was my first half marathon ever.  That and my first 12.64 mile run.  Let me explain.  When I first started running I heard about this thing called a half marathon.  I looked on the computer for the closest event to my house and South Shore Half returned in the search.  Two months later I set my mind on running 13.1 alone, by myself, no aid stations.  What's an aid station?  I started out on the course and turned around about where I thought was right.  3:30 later I returned to where I started, but I was not the same person that left down that trail nearly 4 hours previous.  I could barely walk and hurt in many, many places.  When I looked it up I only ran 12.64 miles, not a true half marathon.  however there was no taking away what happened inside, that day I ran out and back on the South Shore Trail.
    I did not return to this corner of the earth until 2012.  I ran the half marathon and finished in 2:02.  The next year I finished in 2:00.  This winter was difficult and I feel like I did not trail like I wanted to or should have.  I put on some extra weight and never really shed any.
   The day of the race I ran into my cousin who is a rock star runner. (Boston, Big Sur) She asked me if I knew my pace.  I said I have no idea yet.  This was just minutes before the gun was to go off.  I said 9's I figure and she move up ahead to the rock star pace area.  Not only did I feel my training was lacking but also this was my first marathon in zero drop shoes.
    Knowing the ins and outs of the course was great, it made it feel like home.  This course has always kicked my butt.  More hills and more weaving than expected.  Mentally I felt prepared.  I felt like that night before a test you know you don't need to study for.
   This year I finished in 1:57.  A record for this course.  Spring races all ways kick my butt.  However I am happy with this result.  I got a cramp in my right leg about mile 11.  After then turn around I started calculating my minimum pace to break 2 hours.  Not too bad for my 10th Half Marathon.  I have come a long way.
    My Altra instincts 1.5 were great.  I would recommend them to anyone.
   With a result this good I am excited to see what kind of PR I can set in August.  Till next run!

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