Sunday, August 04, 2013

Aches and Pains

     After a recovery week, a week that my mileage is down, I am starting to feel the aches and pains of training for 50.  No real injury or pain.  Just fatigue, and creaky bones.  I thought I would be cool and try out my zero drop shoes again.  Actually I wanted to save miles on my shoes for future use.  Silly me, now I got an achy right knee.  So no more zero drops till next spring.  My calves have millions of knots in them.  I need to continue to drink water.  And or get some massage therapy.  Not massage for relaxation, massage to heal my legs.  I wonder what my legs would feel like with a real foam roller.  I have been using a steal rolling pin, that is all I got.  I also need to add more yoga, or re dedicated to actually doing it.
     Today is the beginning of peak phase.  It is the time when my miles are the highest just before the taper or rest phase.  My 13.1 mile trail run was less than stellar.  I do it to myself every time.  I went out with out eating to prime my body to burn fat.   I also went with out food or carbs, once again to burn fat not carbs.  I went hard and ran all but one of the hills on the first 6.5 mile loop.  So of course I would be wiped out and tired.
   Here is to continuing the charge to 50.

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