Saturday, August 17, 2013


As I sit here in the middle of my biggest running weekend I am thinking about recovery.  How do you recover from a run?  I like to soak my legs in a tub for a bit, lots of food, and rest.  Sometimes I wrap my legs in ace bandages to keep the blood from pooling.  I take extra protein in the form of powder added to almond milk or Gatorade.  Add to that lots of stretching and yoga.  I ran 7 on Friday night at an easy pace.  20 today, that was a struggle.  I have not walked in a long run in a long time.  On the trails I stop at homemade aid stations and walk up some BIG hills.  Today after mile 12 was brutal, it was humbling.  I am trying to recover effectively so that I can run my 13 miles of hill repeats tomorrow....keep charging towards 50.

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