Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When less is More

I have finished one week of peak phase and I feel good.  I am excited for training to be done and for race phase to get here.  Over the last week I ran 50.8 miles and walked 9.2.  For running 60 miles I thought I would be worn out, but I am not.  Over the weekend I ran 20, 10.5, and 7.5 on Monday.  All hard workouts but my legs felt good.  I need to continue to roll and do yoga to keep fresh.  This week I have 7 miles on Wednesday that I am going to run as a tempo run, 7 easy on Friday, and 18 at marathon tempo for Saturday.  I decided that during peak I will keep mile miles around 50 a week but focus on specific speed and types of workouts.  This Sunday will be my last time my foot touches the trail until my race.  That means it must be race day soon!  I am sure in taper will come the phantom running pains, but until then I am happy that the less training I do the more it pays off.

Included in this post are some recent pictures.....keep charging towards 50!

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