Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marathon Man

Never have I read a book about a persons life that was so encouraging.  I recently finished "Marathon Man" a story about Bill Rodgers.  Until I picked up the book I never head of Bill Rodgers.  Reading this book was like a fun run.  I breezed through it and was highly encouraged when done.  Rodgers talks of himself and others that started the running boom of the 70's.  The names he dropped I've heard before but never really knew of their accomplishments or relation to the foundation of the sport I love, running.  I find myself much like Rodgers, yet far apart.  I have a great love to move and run, but I will never run 5 minute miles in a marathon.  I work with emotionally disturbed children, just like Rodgers did.  Knowing that was highly encouraging.  I love to walk outside with the kids at work, it really does help them think and process better.  I was proud to read that he disagreed with war and stood up for his beliefs.  I see many parallels to his life and mine.  I think I found a new running hero.  Rodgers is a fierce competitor and trains even harder.  There is much as a runner to take away from this book.  Every chapter has a quote within the text that could be written on your walls, running truth!  Bill Rodgers has penned a runners gospel.  So much of this book speaks to me, and I encourage you to read it too.  After reading this book I would love to one day run with Rodgers, or push myself to qualify` for Boston someday.  On the top of my Christmas list is a Bill Rodgers Running Center t-shirt, and maybe a snoopy hat.  If you are a runner pick up this book or even better get this book for a runner in your life.
"Never quit"  "Always keep moving forward"  

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