Friday, November 07, 2014

Build Week #4

This week was a good week.  Running was good to me.
2 days off then a 3.1 outside run with a really decent pace.  The next day I ran 2 on the treadmill then 15 minutes of weight work.  48 hours later I ran my long run.  I moved it up to Friday evening.   I love doing this to spend more time with the family on the weekend.  10 miles on the trail with just my thoughts.  It was wonderful to see stalks of gain so heavy they bow to earth.  Dried Queen Anne's lace frozen in various forms of blossom.  Sprigs of lavender so tall they tower over my head.  Goldenrod turned brown, ready for winter.  I ran at my all day pace, and felt like I could run all day.  My leg got tight at mile 8.7, but then my nipple hurt and I forgot about my leg.  Tomorrow I will swim for a bit as recovery.  15.1 Total miles for the week.

One month till registration opens and I feel like everything is going well.

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