Sunday, November 02, 2014

Day Light Savings

Gone are the days of 70 degree weather.  Gone are swimsuits and short sleeves.  Along with that running during the middle of the week after work.  This weekend we rolled our clocks back an hour.  The kids woke up at their normal time, today that happened to be an hour earlier at 5:30am.

This time of year the sun sets at about 5pm.  And it is only going to get earlier everyday.  It is impossible to run after work in sunlight now.  Here is to long runs outside on the weekend, it gives me something to look forward to.  I foresee a lot of treadmill miles in the dark.  Sounds like an 80's song.  "Miles in the dark"

 Maybe for my next adventure learning to run in the night would be a good idea.

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