Sunday, June 30, 2013

Build Phase Week 4

If this blog is about running and my quest to run 50 miles.  I thought I should weekly chronicle my training.

I hit the trail of Tosa with my running buddy for 4.4 miles.  Nothing too hard just some relaxing on the trail.

Walk to work for 1.3 and some yoga at night.

Walk to work and 5 miles in the neighborhood.  A decent pace 8:30's

Walk to work.  I ran to Greenfield Park for the BLS fun run and back home.  Back home was hard but not as hard as past efforts.  1.3 walking 11.22 running.

Walk to work.  Ran 5 in the hood with a little more hills, 9:30's.  At work walked a mile and jumped on a trampoline for 30 minuets doing flips.  That is a serious workout.

No walking or running.  More trampoline at work.

Long run 6.3 for BLS marathon build up and 9.8 to run home.  Took a 3 mile walk with family after getting back.

51 miles
41.8 running
 9.2 walking

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