Tuesday, July 02, 2013


     Every so often I build in rest into my schedule.  This rest period I have been beyond exhausted.  My last run was on Sunday at 9am, I will not run for another 79 hours.  In that time I will do some yoga and stretching.  I swam 100m yesterday and 500yd today, I also walked 2.6 miles, but NO running.  As the calendar turns to July I find my schedule changing.  My schedule includes more rest and longer weekend runs.  Most of my weekly miles will come from the long run.  Gone are the midweek double digits, those return in August during peak weeks.
    I think that my body is taking full advantage of this no running time.  I needed to stop by the store and get an energy drink to make it through the night.  I wish that I knew of a great all natural energy product that I could use.  My next extended rest period is at the end of July before a Fat Ass 50k.  It is weird that when I run all the time I am not tired, but when I don't run is when I get tired.  What is wrong with me?

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