Saturday, July 06, 2013

Build Phase Week 5

This week seemed long.
Sunday started with 5 miles on trails in town.  It was a lot elevation and I was happy with my hour time.
Monday and Tuesday were rest days.  Some lap swimming 500 yds and 50 meters.  did some yoga on Tuesday night.  Wednesday was a longer run of 11 miles.  I ran to the weekly BLS fun run and back home again.  Thursday was 6.2 miles that I wished was over before it even started, finished in under 57.  Friday was some yoga and strength training at home.  Saturday I hit the trails for 18 miles.  The first 4 were bad.  Wet feet and a bouncing water pack that wouldn't stay tight against my waist.  I ditched it in the car and drove to a different trail head.  Finished off my 18 miles in 3:30.  I didn't feel like an ultra runner because I am chaffed and tired, but I did improve my time 30 minutes from April.  I learned somethings that will help me come race day.  A clean shirt, socks and Vaseline in every drop bag should help!
   This next week #6 I will be running all my training runs at night or at sunset.  My old eyes don't do well in transition light so this will help with running early morning in the dark on race day.
Weekly miles = 46.1

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