Sunday, June 30, 2013

Western States Recap

Looking back on Western States 2013 it was stellar as always.  I sat near or on the computer nearly all day glued to the live results.  I am glad to see Tim Olsen repeat as champion.  He finished in 15:17, I predicted him to win! I honestly thought he would finish in 15:05.  Rob Krar had a great debut at 100 miles.  I was excited to see him finish better than I first thought.  Bowman and Clark finished in order as I predicted but it was not for 2nd and 3rd.  It was for 5th and 6th, still a great day!  Mackey and Koerner both dropped out well into the race.  Meltzer slipped to 10th from where I said he would finish 7th.  Ian Sharman had a fantastic race and cracked the top five to finish in 4th place.  Jorge slowed in the end and ended up 23rd no where near 9th.  Yassine Dibboun finished 9th with in the top ten as predicted.  A shout out goes to Mike Morton for setting a masters course record with a finish of 15:45 in 3rd place.
The Woman's race had an amazing race put together by Pam Smith.  She was on my radar to finish top ten but came away with the win in 18:37.  I expected Rory Bosio to run away with the victory, she ended up finishing 5th after a long hard day.  Kimball finished right where I thought in 2nd.  Lapierre predicted 3rd came home 6th.  Amy Sproston kicked ass and scored a podium finish in 3rd.  Nordell dropped and Arbogast finished 2 spots better.  Harrison was impressive and finished 7th.  Bourassa checked in one place better at 8th.  And Melanie Peters had some heel and stomach issues and had to drop.  I am impressed with anyone who can run 100 miles.  It was so great to follow my running heroes.  Maybe one day I can be there in person!  

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