Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Nike Dart 7

     As a runner I have mass amounts of gear.  Shirts, shorts, socks, and hats.  I think I have more running stuff than regular clothes, just ask my wife.  How many race shirts do you need to have to be considered a serious runner?  Every event you go to gives away a shirt.  And since losing weight some of the shirts don't fit.  But how can I part with the shirt from my first 5K?  I also have iPod belts and hydration systems that I don't even use.  Some of the shirts I own hurt too much in warm weather, read chaffing nipples, I never wear them.  Even though I have all this stuff I still want more.

Asics 2150
Brooks Vapor 10
   When I first started running I ran in the Nike Dart 7 and use Nike dri-fit shorts.  I had no idea what I was doing and thankfully didn't get hurt.  After a year of running I got fitted for shoes.  This is something I would recommend to all runners.  I will go into detail about this process in a future blog.  From that point on I was an Asics fan.  I ran almost 500 miles in the 2150.  That fall I was selected as a wear tester for this company I never heard of called Brooks.  They sent me a pair of Vapor 10's to try and give feedback on.  Needless to say,  I became a fan of Brooks.  I even bought two more pairs of this shoe because it fit my foot so well.

Asics DS Trainer 18
Asics Gel Tri Noosa 7
 This year I am running in Asics DS Trainer 18, Asics Gel Tri Noosa 7, Saucony Virrata, and Altra Instinct for walking.  I even use my Vapor 10's for some trail miles.
  With my quest to run 50 miles I question if I need any more gear for 2013.  Do I need a head lamp?  Another pair of trail shoes that have zero miles on them?  What about a hydration backpack, I am going to be running a lot of miles?  My kids just bought me running socks for my birthday so I am set with that.
     How many race shirts do you need to have to be considered a serious runner?  None, you have to just get out there and move your feet to better yourself.

A pair, or more, of shoes helps, but some would argue you don't need any.
Nike Reax - returned after 15 miles
Saucony Virrata

Altra Instinct

Brooks GTS 12 - returned after 30 miles

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