Sunday, May 26, 2013

Running The Sahara

     Tonight I sat down and watched "Running The Sahara" I have seen the film before and was inspired the first time.  I wanted my wife to see it to get her opinion and encourage her.  These guys are amazing, I cannot believe what they overcome to reach their goals.

  If you have not seen the movie it is about three guys Ray Zahab, Kevin Lin, and Charlie Engle.  Together they team up with a crew to run over 4300 miles across Africa and the Sahara desert.  Along the way they encounter blisters and pain as well as setbacks and doubt.  There are many times I have doubt with my running schedule, I don't need to run half way across Africa to experience that.  It helps to know they go through the same feelings I do as a runner.
     After watching this movie I am motivated to run my own expedition someday.  Nothing as intense as the Sahara, but I have always wanted to hike or run the river to river trail in Illinois.  Or maybe hike/run the entire Ice Age trail in Wisconsin.  Dare to dream.  What did you once think impossible that you can make possible?  This year I am determined to complete my first 50 mile event!

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