Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heat Acclimatization

It's getting hot in here......

Hot running man
   With the change of seasons comes better running weather, bugs, and HEAT!  For those that live in a place season are defined we all need to get use to the heat.  It is like our bodies forget what it is like workout in 80 degrees.  I am getting ready for a 5K in the middle of June.  Around here the winter has been hard and spring has been cool.  There have been a few warm and muggy days, but they were few and far between.  I am worried that when I get to my race it will be 70 in the morning and muggy as heck.  There is always that first run of the year when it become unexpectedly warm and increasingly difficult to complete.
Running man that is hot
     In the course of the summer I train in anything but lightening,  I am scared of storms.  Heavy rain is no issue, its the voltage I am afraid of.  I remember runs last year when the heat index was over 100.  I went slow and took water with, nice ice cold water.  I would suggest when going out in the heat to take some type of fluid with you.  Find what works for your body and stick with it.  Some days I like to use Vitamin water zero, other days water or Gatorade. There are many types of hydration systems out there to carry your fluid, bottles, belts, and backpacks.  I prefer to run with handheld bottles best.  I used to run with a fuel belt but don't use it much anymore.  My wife who took up running uses that now.  Stay safe and keep running!

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