Saturday, June 01, 2013

Fun Run

One day recently my wife asked me while I was heading out the door for a run, "Why don't you just run for fun?"  Taking offense to this I quickly rebutted her statement.  My local running club has weekly fun runs in the summer.  I try to attend as many of these as possible, because well, they are fun!  Every week is a theme, last week was hamburgers, next week is hot dogs!  Plus every fun run has free beer.  Yes, free beer makes any run fun.  These runs I usually run at 90% effort or more.  So maybe my wife was correct.  That got me thinking about past runs that were fun.  I remember one time I ran with Miller 64 in my hydration bottle, that sure made for a fun run.  Lately I have been running from my house to Miller Park to watch some baseball and run home.  I never stay long in fact I usually leave before the game starts.  It is great to run somewhere, people watch, use the restroom and refill my bottles and go.  I can remember a run that my running buddy and I stopped for margaritas mid run slammed them and got up from our patio table and continued running.  Yes we payed our tab, but still got many WTF looks from others on the patio.  There is a burger stand less than a mile from my house.  Many times I have sprinted there and back for ice cream or burgers.  I confess that I run there so I can feel the added calories are deserved.  So the run is fun when I am running home with a bag of burgers like I stole them.  I am very goal driven in my running but there are times I can still just have fun.  Needing to do speed work and hit my marks can be fun too.   However,

I think I need to add more quirky destinations and activities to my running...till next run!

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